New book on female chemists: paths to education and professional activity of women in different countries and in Russia

Women-chemists-titulWe are pleased to announce the book  recently published in Russia on female chemists: Female Chemists: Biographies, Contribution into Science and Education, Recognition. Moscow: Yanus-K, 2013. Pp. 440, illus., index. recommended by Elena Zaitseva(Baum), co-editor and co-author.

This meticulously  researched  and originally structured book concerns some  unexplored aspects of activity fair sex of XVIIth century in chemical practice, in particular,  and  contains , of course, absolutely new material  about  Russian female  women-chemists (are included not–used before historical documents). The information on them is practically not presented in the  known reference books, female encyclopaedias.

Articles of foreign authors are published in two languages – on original and in Russian translation.

All persons interested in book purchase can ask Elena Zaitseva(Baum) by e-mail:

The table of contents is included in the book in English. There is a summary of the book in English and each article  has  English abstract.  Summary and contents in the image gallery below.

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