New Materials History Research Group at CHF


The Chemical Heritage Foundation (CHF) in Philadelphia, USA, is excited to announce the construction of a new research group on the history of matter, materials, and culture.

We seek applications from historians of science and technology, science studies researchers, museum professionals, and public historians working in these areas.

The Fellowship period is expected to last for up to three years (considerations for shorter periods will be made) beginning
in the Fall of 2014. We welcome applications from researchers of all rank. CHF anticipates hiring 3-5 research fellows to establish this group.

We have a particular interest in the following areas of research:

The Material Culture of the Laboratory

We are interested in research that examines, among other potential topics:

  • The relationship between tools, equipment, and instrumentation and the work of science
  • The effect of new instruments on scientific practice and knowledge making
  • The introduction of new materials into the laboratory
  • The relationship between the material makeup of the laboratory and the culture of those that populate it

The Sciences and Technologies of Material Culture

We are interested in research that examines, among other potential topics:

  • The translation of everyday perception into scientific and engineering terms
  • The scientific understanding of material performance and functionalities
  • The imitation of natural materials by artificial ones
  • The driving forces of material innovation
  • The development from matter to the molecular to the material

Projects fitting within, or connecting, these areas of study are highly desirable.

Research Fellows joining CHF will be expected to:

  • Participate in the overall construction of this new research group through the pursuit of their own original research;
  • Coordinate with the research group and CHF professional staff to create networks of collaboration on these topics extending beyond CHF;
  • Work with CHF professional staff to identify and co-construct outreach and programming activities building on a utilizing their researc;
  • Work with CHF professional staff to identify opportunities to grow and maintain the research group beyond its initial phase; and
  • Contribute to the overall research community at CHF through regular participation in the activities of our broader community of fellows.

Review of applications will begin immediately. Applicants should submit a cover letter, CV, the names and contact information for 2 references, and a research prospectus of approximately 500 words to:

Jody A. Roberts, Ph.D.
Center for Contemporary History and Policy
P: +1.215.873.8281
F: +1.215.629.5281
*Chemical Heritage Foundation
315 Chestnut Street  .  Philadelphia, PA 19106 . U.S.A.<>

New: Women in Industrial Research, edited by Renate Tobies and Annette B. Vogt

annetteWomen in Industrial Research

Edited by Renate Tobies and Annette B. Vogt (with the assistance of  Valentine Pakis)

This book presents new research on women scientists who enjoyed careers at industrial corporations during the first seven decades of the twentieth century. What positions were they able to achieve? What was the relationship between academic and industrial research? How open were certain industrial sectors – the electrical, chemical, cosmetic, nuclear, and optical sectors in particular – to hiring female researchers? Were women working in certain industries better able to acquire patents than those in others? What role did patronage play at the time? How did political turmoil affect women’s careers? How did career opportunities differ from one country to another?

This book focuses on women who were active in Germany, Russia, and the United States, but the situation in Greece, France, and Great Britain is also addressed. Each of the chapters is based on new sources, including materials from corporate archives. On the basis of these findings and their own work, the editors have formulated a series of general theses concerning the conditions of women working in industrial research.




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