Agnodike Research Travel Fellowship 2014-2015

Agnodice_engravingWe are pleased to announce the 2014-15 recipients of the Agnodike Research Travel Fellowship, awarded by the Commission on Women and Gender Studies in Science, Technology and Medicine. The names of the fellows are Olivia Fiorilli, Lauren MacIvor Thompson, Katherine McFadden.

Olivia Fiorilli, Ph.D. (University of Rome la Sapienza)

“Modern Nursing in Italy: A Transatlantic Enterprise”

Nursing, according to Pierre-Yves Saunier, is a specialized field within the social domain that has developed through circulations and connections across national boundaries. The development of what has been named “modern nursing” in Italy makes no exception. Not only was the “Nightingale model” a fundamental reference point for the reform of hospital nursing and for its discursive construction as a “feminine profession”: in the aftermath of World War I public health nursing emerged in the frame of international cooperation. My research aims at shading new light on the pivotal role of the American Red Cross in the development of this kind of nursing in Italy.

Lauren MacIvor Thompson, Ph.D. Candidate (Georgia State University)

“‘Suffrage is not the goal’: Law, Medicine, and Spiritualism in the Struggle to Legalize Birth Control, 1870-1930.”

The funding will cover research for at least two chapters of my dissertation, “Suffrage is not the goal”: Law, Medicine, and Spiritualism in the Struggle to Legalize Birth Control, 1870-1930.” The chapters to be researched are tentatively titled “Medicine and Female Legal Disability” and  “Eugenic Laws, Feminism and Metaphysical Thought.” These chapters consider how medicine and medical practice shaped understandings of female citizenship at the turn of the twentieth century and will serve as the opening section for the dissertation. Through an analysis of late nineteenth-century medical jurisprudence textbooks, medical textbooks and journals, state and federal appellate court cases, religious sources, and primary documents from the women’s rights movement, I probe how doctors’ theories about women’s physical nature shaped women as non-productive citizens, and in turn, how reformers in the women’s movement reconsidered their arguments for rights based on these assessments.

 Katherine McFadden, Ph.D. Candidate (University of South Carolina)

“Radical Feminists in America’s Garages”

In the 1970s, grassroots women’s liberation groups not only agitated for political change but also worked to spread technical skills among heterosexual and homosexual women. My project will examine the Women’s Action Committee of Ohio and the Washington YWCA each of which developed programs to train women in auto repair, both as a career option and as means to domestic self-sufficiency.  For these women, technical skills were seen as a route to liberation, economic independence, and creative fulfillment. This will allow me to approach the larger topic of my dissertation: how Americans have engaged with technology in the home garage.


About the fellowship:

The Agnodike Research Travel Fellowship recognizes and supports the work of scholars who are either in their final stages of their doctoral research or in the early stages of their post-doctoral research but still within four years of receiving the Ph.D. The research fellowship is named after the first female physician and midwife in ancient Greece (4th c. B.C.).

Awardees of the research grant receive invitations to present their work in the Commission’s forthcoming symposium, “Gendering Science: Women and Men Producing Knowledge,” which will be held June 4-6, 2015 in Prague. See

About the Commission:

The Commission on Women and Gender Studies in Science, Technology and Medicine was founded in 1981 by the General Assembly of the International Union of the History and Philosophy of Science. The aim of the Commission is to promote communication among scholars working on women’s history in science, technology and medicine and also to foster research on the relation of gender and science, technology, and medicine. One of the Commission’s tasks is to hold meetings between Congresses of the IUHPS/DHST and to form symposia at subsequent International Congresses. For more information please visit our website or “like” our Facebook page,

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